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Stretching your body is very important. It helps to avoid injuries and reduces the feeling of pain after exercise. As a result, our joints and muscle attachments are strengthened. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that our training includes stretching elements.

Regular stretching has a positive effect on the figure, which becomes more open, straight and supple. The overall body posture improves and the range of motion increases. Importantly, stretching effectively eliminates pain in joints and muscles. Often stretching exercises are used as one of the methods of rehabilitation.

Remember to gently and slowly deepen the position only after a while after taking the position, absolutely do not make sudden movements aimed at stronger stretching. With all stretching exercises, you should also remember not to slouch and keep your spine straight.

There are several types of stretching: static, dynamic, passive, and more, and different types are better suited to separate types of training. Dynamic stretching is often used as a warm-up to stimulate the nervous system and muscles to be better prepared for the upcoming activities. It consists in repetitive displacement of muscles and joints within a certain range of motion. Static stretching involves stretching the muscle for 20 to 30 seconds, reduces muscle nerve stimulation, and improves relaxation. This type of stretching is usually unsportsmanlike, it works on fixed muscle groups rather than movements such as dynamic stretching.

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