Causes of neck pain


A tense and sore neck is a fairly common ailment in our time. Sometimes it is the result of stress at work, and sometimes it is caused by a wrong posture of our body. Poor sleeping position, wrong or sudden head movement can cause it. Its presence can also mean serious medical conditions. When it persists for a long time, it is worth contacting your primary care physician to check what is the cause of this ailment.

Possible causes of pain occurrence :
- wrong posture,
- prolonged, incorrect sitting position,
- muscle tension caused by stress and fatigue,
- muscle overload,
- muscle weakness resulting from lack of exercise,
- straining of the neck or neck muscles as a result of sudden movements or injuries,
- pain in the right or left side of the neck may be a diaper effect.

People who are under a lot of stress often complain of pain in the neck and nape. It is the muscles in the neck and neck that are exposed to stress-induced muscle tension. It is worth learning how to relieve stress, which can be helped by: walks, yoga, swimming pool, therapeutic or relaxing massages. The source of pain problems often lies precisely in mental processes.

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