How to avoid an injury?

Injuries are an inseparable part of physical activity, unfortunately, sport is not always healthy. However, many of them can simply be avoided, all you need is proper knowledge. Each of us is prone to other injuries, it depends mainly on our body, it is worth strengthening individual parts as part of prevention against injury.

Thanks to the Rephysio application it is quite simple, all you need to do is choose the right set of exercises, for example if we have weak upper limbs and they often hurt, we only need exercises for this range. Of course, this will not replace a visit to a physiotherapist in the event of a serious injury, but preventive exercise will make us less susceptible to injury.

The most popular contusions are contusions and fractures, in people who are physically active they are sprains, ligament tears and damage to individual muscles.

To avoid injuries, follow these nine simple rules:

  1. Use the Rephysio application.
    Daily exercises for selected sensitive parts in our body will prevent the occurrence of serious injuries in the future and strengthen your muscles.
  2. Warm-up
    Always remember to warm up before starting physical activity, it is important that our body can prepare for exercise.
  3. Remember to stretch
    After and even before training, it is worth stretching individual muscle parts, especially those that would be most used by us at that time.
  4. Reduce your weight
    Correct BMI of our body makes our body function properly.
  5. Gradually increase your activity
    Never jump into high gear to start, give your body time.
  6. Select the appropriate equipment
    Always choose the right equipment and equipment for exercise, pay attention to the surface on which you exercise and wear appropriate footwear.
  7. Eat well
    Our body needs energy and replenishment of vitamins and nutritional values, so it’s worth paying attention to what we eat.
  8. Get enough sleep
    Try to sleep 8 hours a day, remember that the lost night cannot be rested off in the future.
  9. Take care of regeneration
    We are not robots, each of us needs rest, without it we can easily get injured.

Thanks to these nine points, we will significantly reduce the risk of injury.
It is worth taking care of all of them, especially to strengthen our muscles, because we most often neglect this aspect and do not focus on preventive exercises. That is why it is worth using the Rephysio application, where we avoid the risk of injury using specialized exercises.

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