Living with chronic pain.

This bed is not comfortable as I thought

Pain that lasts more than 3 months is called chronic pain. It is persistent and has a significant impact on our functioning because it affects the way we feel and what we do and think.

In the case of damage to the body, we speak of acute pain, it is the most known type of pain that prevents us from making movements related to the painful area. Unlike chronic pain, acute pain is characterized by a healing reaction and may disappear over time.

The lack of a healing process in chronic pain makes it very difficult to deal with, and often it is difficult to deal with it without the help of a psychologist. It often becomes a burden in life that is hard to deal with, so it is important to support and understand loved ones.

It is worth knowing the essence of our chronic pain, where it comes from, why it occurs and how to alleviate it, for this purpose it is worth asking the doctor carefully about its causes.

One of the most important steps to take is to accept this pain, without it we will not be able to function properly.

There are as many methods of treating pain as its causes, which are very many and they are very diverse. The primary method of treating pain is the causal treatment of the disease that causes the ailments.

The most common diseases in which there is chronic pain are, first of all, degenerative joint diseases, degenerative diseases of the spine, migraine and neoplastic diseases. Today’s medicine, unfortunately, does not know a drug that would deal with this ailment.

Let’s also remember about exercise, which can help us relieve chronic pain. For this purpose, we recommend the Rephysio application, which contains over 1000 exercises for various ailments and diseases.

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