Muscle cramps – causes and prevention


What causes cramps?

Cramps are most often a warning from our body that it lacks the appropriate minerals. They can spoil our enjoyment of physical activity. It should be remembered that muscle contractions and relaxation make our body work properly. This is called the cramps cause severe, spontaneous muscle tension and pain. In order to fight them, you need to follow a proper diet, stay hydrated and warm up before exercise.

Causes of cramps

As we mentioned before, the lack of minerals, i.e. electrolyte disturbances in the body, are the main reason why we feel contractions of a given muscle part. Natural isotonic contraction allows us to move, and when our body loses control, cramps appear.
We should also remember to take care of the proper regeneration of the body and a diet rich in such elements as magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium, they are responsible for the proper transmission of nerve impulses. Large amounts of coffee, energy or alcohol have negative effects because they flush out valuable ingredients from our body. Cramps can also be a symptom of an inadequately healed injury or prolonged stress.

How to fight them?

After its occurrence, it is best to assume a comfortable body position and slowly and painstakingly massage the sore muscle. It is also worth stretching it slowly in the meantime. If this does not work, warm the place with e.g. a warm compress or a hot bath, the heat improves blood circulation in the body. If contractions appear regularly, make an appointment to see a doctor.

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